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Shady Grove Botanicals is our small, family business offering ethically wildcrafted wild native Appalachian ginseng and select forest botanicals, along with organically grown industrial hemp and vegetables.   From growing, harvesting, creating, and selling, we offer all natural, quality products, free from chemical spraying and pesticides!   We take the utmost care in practicing organic forest farming methods to ensure that our botanicals provide high quality benefits for our customers.   Located in the rural Appalachian hardwood forests of West Virginia, we specialize in the stewardship of "at risk" ginseng and forest botanicals and are actively involved in sustainable harvesting techniques.


We are Ed and Carole and we'd first like to thank you for visiting our website!    We have lived in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia the majority of our lives. Together, we offer a variety of herbal products to suit your needs - from native Appalachian Ginseng roots, leaves and rootlets, to Goldenseal, Ramps, and other non-timber forest products (NTFP).  Ed has been in the woods all of his life and has a wealth of knowledge,  understanding and appreciation of nature.   With Carole's love of photography, gardening and her expanded interest in herbal medicine, she combines her hobbies into creations to share with you.

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We offer a range of products designed to provide you all-natural healing and safe alternatives.




Rootlets ~ Tinctures ~ Tea Blends



Salves ~ Tinctures 

Roots ~ Herbs

Tea Blends

Our ginseng and herbal products are all grown with the utmost care and quality that we can provide, ensuring that everything we make and sell is organic in every way!

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Please contact us at any time with any questions you may have.   Comments, suggestions and testimonials are always welcome!


Randolph County, West Virginia


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